ULTIMATE CURRY LOVER TWO BOWL GIFT SET- Two authentic Bowls, Spices, Apron and Tea Towel

ULTIMATE CURRY LOVER TWO BOWL GIFT SET- Two authentic Bowls, Spices, Apron and Tea Towel

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The ultimate and highly unique gift set designed for the home cooking curry lover. 

Two authentic steel pressed Balti bowls, two high quality spice pots, stylish black apron and large tea towel.

Designed and made in Birmingham using pressed-steel, just like the original 1970s bowls which gave birth to this iconic dish. Our bowls have been designed for professional Balti kitchens, but are equally at home being used on a gas hob, electric stove top, induction, aga and even the BBQ!

Our spice pot duo of Good Food Award Winning Garam Masala and our authentic Balti Chicken or Vegetable Spice blend will create the ultimate Balti.

 Our Garam Masala pot is an superior blend of traditional Garam Masala spices and ideal for taking your curry making to the next level. The Balti spice pot is based on an authentic recipe and also makes a great marinade.

Roasted, ground and blended by hand in Birmingham by spice experts The Spice Kitchen- once you smell and taste the quality of our spice pots you'll be a convert! 

This ultimate gift set also features a black high quality cotton apron featuring the definition of 'Balti' and extra large tea towel in black (won't ruin with spicy fingers!)

This gift set is sent in a box, with a hand stamped authentic Balti recipe and care guide.

  • Made in Birmingham   
  • Hand finished  
  • Cook a real balti at home   
  • Designed to last for life  
  • British craftmanship at its best  
  • Use on gas, electric, aga, induction and BBQ  
  • It is estimated that one Balti contains 25 times the amount of Iron as a single pint of Guinness!
  • An authentic Balti curry typically contains half the fat of an average curry.

Read more about our specially commissioned research into the unique health and culinary properties of an authentic balti cooked in one of our bowls.

As used by top selling curry authors 'The Curry Guy', Hari Ghotra and Misty Ricardo.

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