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'Curry Night' Hand Carved Thermal Serving Boxes- Set Of Three

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A beautiful and ornate set of three hand carved thermal serving boxes with lid, made of high quality Indian rosewood. The set contains, three different boxes labelled in gold lettering, 'RICE', 'CHAPATI' and 'BHAJIS'

These stunning thermal serving boxes are entirely crafted by hand in India and would look impressive on your dining table when hosting a curry feast or romantic spice filled evening for two. Keep the chapati's warm and soft, the rice warm and fluffy and the Bhajis fresh and tasty!

Very sturdy, it's beauty means it also looks beautiful on display when not in use.

The interior is a thermal plastic and could house a number of folded or small round chapati's.

Made of Indian Rosewood, which is considered highly sustainable. Indian Rosewood is a popular hardwood tree treasured for its durability and unmatched beauty. It has long been valued by furniture makers in India and is used for making musical instruments, and ornate carvings. 

Ideal as a stunning gift for home cooks who adore South East Asian cuisine and sharing with family and friends.


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