Our small batch made carbon steel Balti Bowls are available for wholesale, retail and professional use.  
Our bowls are built for professional kitchens inspired by the original 1970's model manufactured in the Midlands. Our bowls are manufactured in Birmingham, the birthplace of Balti. 
Our Balti bowls are heavy duty- not only serving bowls, they are made to be cooked in over high heat. A real Balti is flash cooked and served bubbling it its cooking vessel, therefore our handles are welded on and the bowls themselves made from quality carbon steel the perfect thickness for cooking a balti, fast and fresh. Steel. Flame and Spice. 
For retail, our bowls are presented in a box with tag and hand stamped care for your bowl instructions.
If you'd like to purchase our bowls for your restaurant or shop please don't hesitate to contact us for wholesale prices. 
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