5 Things to eat in a Pakistani Balti restaurant that aren't Balti! And where to eat them!

 If you've made the pilgrimage out of town to the Balti Triangle, well done you're in for a tasty, nowt poncy and very reasonably priced treat! An authentic Pakistani owned restaurant is not only, the only place you're likely to eat an authentically cooked Balti (unless you make one at home of course...!), but is also a good place to try some other Pakistani grub. You may be familiar with some of the following and tried them at your favourite local Indian, but the following either originated in Pakistan or is extremely popular there, either as street food or for a special occasion. That's right you've been eating Pakistani street food in Birmingham since the 1970's but you never knew it! 

Whilst many of the Balti Triangle restaurant owners closed their doors in the early 2000's when the 2nd generation didn't take on the family businesses, don't despair, there are still genuine Balti restaurants out there in the Balti Triangle, where you can not only sample a genuine Balti * but some other Pakistani food delights as well. 

Peshwari Naan


Peshwari Naan- This sweet naan gets its name from Peshawar, which is in Pakistan, where this naan has its origin. If you're a lover of pain aux raisin then this Naan is for you! A staple of Pakistani food and well loved in the UK as the traditional accompaniment to a curry. Essential when eating a Balti, where a knife and fork is an optional extra! Usually topped with raisins, coconut and almonds- also good with honey! (Try at Shahi Nan Kebab House *)


Seekh kebabs- Eaten as a starter, drizzle with your complimentary poppadom dip, these delicious kebabs are usually made with spiced minced mutton. (Try at Popular Baltihouse)


Salt lassi

 Lassi- sweet or salted. Made with yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Traditional lassi is savory, flavoured with ground and roasted cumin. Usually drunk in Pakistan for breakfast. (Try at Shababs *)

Lahori Keema Katlama- Pakistani pizza?! Bread made with spiced dough thinly rolled out, deep fried and topped with minced lamb or beef. Yum. (Try at Abdul's Cafe


Pakora- Chicken, mushroom or even aubergine. Pakora is a great Balti starter, coated in a spiced batter made of gram flour and deep fried. (Try at Alfrash *)

 * (Also serving authentically cooked Birmingham Balti)

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