Steel Balti Bowl

For the first time in over 25 years authentic balti bowls are being manufactured again in Birmingham. 
The Birmingham Balti Bowl Company based on their bespoke design commissioned a manufacturer to make the bowls in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, using pressed steel, just like the original 1970's bowls, which gave birth to this iconic dish, an important part of Britain's culinary heritage and Birmingham's signature dish.
Curry lovers can now discover a real balti experience at home using restaurant quality bowls. A balti bowl is an essential cooking and serving pan for foodies with a love of curry! True to the dish's British Pakistani tradition the bowls are made in pressed-steel, developing the iconic black patina over time-just like a teapot the bowls get better with age!

Birmingham made Balti Bowls ready for dispatch

The original Birmingham made balti bowls went out of production in the 90's and whilst there are imitation 'baltis' available -they are not suitable for cooking over high heat, which is the authentic way to cook a balti.
The bowls, were brought back into production in 2017 by balti historian and author of 'Going for a Balti' Andy Munro “The essence of a proper balti, is the way it’s fast cooked and served, traditionally in thin pressed steel pans, so now curry lovers everywhere can make an authentic balti at home.”  

Andy Munro Balti Historian

Andy Munro Balti Historian and author of 'Going For A Balti'

How are the bowls made?
The making of these authentic balti bowls started with discussions with chefs in Birmingham's Balti Triangle and samples of original bowls. The debate of welding v. riveting, the exact angle of the handles, the diameter of the bowl and the thickness of steel used were aspects all carefully discussed and researched between Andy and restaurateurs to create bowls with an authenticity endorsed by their unique embossed base.


  Once designed, the making of each bowl itself starts with the delivery of high quality steel to one of Birmingham's longest established steel manufacturers, who operated in in the heart of the City's historic Jewellery Quarter for decades. 
    The steel is pressed from a round blank, the excess carefully removed with a cutting tool, embossed on its base with its unique mark and then hand finished with the handles being expertly welded. 


The bowls are then cleaned before being treated with a light oil spray and packed ready for collection and dispatch by The Birmingham Balti Bowl Company.

Packing Balti Bowls

  Once received by the customer, careful seasoning using the instructions provided should ensure a lifetime's worth of tasty baltis!'


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