Birmingham's Oldest Balti Restaurants


'I Am The King Balti Restaurant 1980's'

Birmingham is unique in the UK for its rich curry heritage. Pakistani immigrants originated the ‘balti’ restaurants the city is most famous for in the 1970’s. By comparison, Bangladeshis own the majority of High Street Indian Restaurants outside of Birmingham, such as the restaurants on Brick Lane and Manchester’s Curry Mile. These restaurants do not usually serve authentic balti, which originated in Birmingham by its Pakistani community.

With the settling of the Birmingham Pakistani community came the Birmingham Balti. Whilst Birmingham is proudly home to a number of decades old Bangladeshi restaurants, the two British Indian cuisines are usually not differentiated apart. We want to shine a light on Birmingham’s oldest Pakistani owned balti restaurants, their history and legacy.

Original Birmingham Balti Restaurant Pioneers by Mike Davidson.

We are gradually building a list of restaurants serving an authentic balti. We have marked restaurants with an asterisk (*), who we know cook and serve the dish in same pressed steel, blackened bowl- the original Birmingham Balti bowl.

Find below a list of balti restaurants still trading in Birmingham with roots to the original Pakistani restaurant owners of the 70’s and 80’s. 

  • The Royal Watan *- Pershore Road. Established Since 1984. 36 years of balti love.
  • Shababs * Ladypool Road, Balti Triangle. Established since 1987. 33 years of balti love.
  • Shahi Nan * 353 Stratford Road, Balti Triangle; Established since 1987. over 33 years of balti love.
  • Akrams * 1526 Pershore Road. Established since 1980. 40 years of balti love.
  • Kyber Pass *  104 Alum Rock Road. Established 1985. 35 Years of balti love.
  • Azims Balti 106-108 Lozells Road, Birmingham Established 1980. 40 years of balti love

That these restaurants continue to trade after 30 plus years, and still now, in this most challenging of times is nothing short of incredible! Testament to Birmingham's love affair with balti!

There have been casualties of long established balti restaurants, some real stalwarts have vanished in the past 12 months, it's tough times for all. And whilst everyone needs as much support as possible right now, sometimes well established, family run places can be overlooked in favour of whats more fashionable, exciting and new. But, If you get chance to support these old school balti restaurants helping to keep them in business, please do. In the words of the one of the wisest men I know (my Dad ;) "You can't beat a balti"

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This list is not exhaustive and if you know of a long established restaurant in the city serving up an authentic balti, please let us know!

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