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Our ‘Commonwealth Games 2022’ Birmingham Balti Bowl embodies our diverse and talented city of Birmingham, famed since the 14th century for its fine and historic metal manufacturing reputation transcending into its current day reputation as a design innovator (the Birmingham made balti bowl was recognized at Birmingham Design Festival in 2019) The culinary provenance the city is known for is borne of its rich multicultural society, this important part of Birmingham’s story comes alive with our Birmingham designed and made Balti Bowl. The balti holding a special place in every Brummies’ heart and stomach and celebrated as the City’s most famous culinary export. In Birmingham you’ll discover a place where we do business with pride and openness. A city that excels in expressing itself without limitation. A place where diversity is celebrated and promoted. A city that is the perfect destination for the commonwealth games with values shared of humanity, equality and destiny.

Our ‘Gift Of The Year 2021’ finalist Birmingham made and designed balti bowl is practical, unique and high quality. It will be used for years to come, showcasing the Cities ‘signature dish’- the Birmingham Balti. The ‘Commonwealth Games 2022’ edition, is fabricated in the city using quality carbon steel made using a traditional metal press. This bespoke Commonwealth Games edition will be embossed with the commonwealth logo at its centre. A striking design feature that will delight and provide an excellent talking point following the visit to the city!

Birmingham Balti is one of the city’s most compelling points of interest and has been featured and written about worldwide, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Hairy Bikers, Sir Terry Wogan, The Lonely Planet, The Sunday Times Travel Guide, the BBC and This Morning to name a few have all made ‘going for a balti’ part of their bucket list on a visit to the city.

‘Going for a balti’ was voted in 2018 as one of the top 100 things to do before you die in ‘The Rough Guide’.

The Birmingham Balti Bowl was originally made in Birmingham in the 1970’s and not long after the dish took the nation by storm, becoming one of the UK’s most popular curries. The dish offers a powerful and positive connection to the city’s proud immigrant history Pakistani population and gives a platform to demonstrate their grit and determination to make their move to the city all those decades ago a success. Birmingham Balti is their legacy as it is the central ruby at the heart of Birmingham’s culinary prowness and history.

The original Birmingham balti bowl maker retired and the bowls ceased to be made after the noughties. An original Birmingham made balti bowl is showcased in Birmingham Museum where credit is given the to immigrant inventor (Muhammad of Adils) of this unique Brummie Pakistani fusion dish.

In 2017 we brought back the manufacturing of this special pressed steel dish to Birmingham, where the curry was first served in the 70’s using Birmingham designed and made bowls. By ensuring production continued in the city the renaissance of the manufacturing, has been essential in helping to promote and protect the legacy of this unique Brummie Pakistani curry, as well as bringing focus and business to Birmingham’s own steel industry.

Our factory partners are a 3 decades old family run business, proudly working alongside us to uphold this special Birmingham heritage.

The genuine balti restaurants still operational are some of the oldest restaurants in the city- with 4 being over 35 years old! Providing a long history of fine service to our wonderful city.

Each bowl will come with a small full colour booklet detailing the history of Birmingham Balti, our manufacturing process and of course some recipes to try!

We believe our design is a unique and unforgettable way to present the City; Offering more than an abstract representation, it provides a tangible, functional embodiment, a living connection to some of the city’s best assets; uniquely serving up a taste of Birmingham’s acclaimed industrial history, design innovation and cultural diversity with every use!

From Telford to Texas since we reignited production of the Birmingham Balti Bowl people are enjoying one of Birmingham’s most famous exports in their own homes and our bowl invites attendees to discover time and time again Birmingham’s tastiest dish long after the competition whistle is blown.

















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