Dan Toombs aka ‘The Curry Guy’ is the leading authority on BIR food writing in the UK.  We, like many of our customers are big fans of his fail safe recipes, beautifully photographed they provide a constant source of new inspiration.   

On March 5th his brand new book ‘The Curry Guy’ Light was released. In this new book, you will find over 100 new recipes that are good for you and low in calories, fat and carbs! 

We took a few moments out of Dan’s day to ask him 10 quick fire curry questions.  

Curry Guy Balti

What's the first dish a BIR home cook should master? 

Chicken tikka masala. It might be one of the mildest but it is also one of the most complicated. Not that it's difficult but it is a good one to start with. There are a lot of ingredients. Master that and the rest are a breeze.

Most common mistake you see beginner BIR cooks make in the kitchen?

Burning their spices, especially whole spices. Be careful! Burnt spices taste bitter. You just want to infuse them in the oil. If they are looking burnt, get them off the heat and add other ingredients like chopped onions or base sauce. 

What BIR or authentic indian specialty or staple dish do you think should be more popular in the UK?

Definitely Rezala! I love it. It's really simple to make too

Perfect dessert after a curry? 

I don't really have a sweet tooth. Ice cream, especially homemade coconut ice cream is my favourite. I know there will be a lot of people who disagree. There are a lot of excellent and very sweet Indian desserts but they are too sweet for me. Here’s Dan recipe for chilli and chocolate ice cream

Beer or wine with spicy food- which brand/colour/type is your go to? 

I love wine but when going out for a curry it has to be lager. I like a good BrewDog! Any!

Chicken breast or chicken thigh for a curry? 

Chicken breast looks better. Thigh tastes better. 

Most underrated vegetable to use in a curry?

Aubergine. I was never a big fan of aubergine but I've found that when it's cooked right, it's greatAubergine Balti Recipe

What's your all time favourite spice?


Dan’s recipe for Cumin rice 

Plain or garlic naan?   


What's your favourite British dish that isn't BIR?

My wife's lamb hotpot

Order your copy of The Curry Guy Light and view the full list of recipes featured HERE 

Ever dreamed of cooking a curry in the sunshine with a expert teacher? Curry courses in France with The Curry Guy, running now for 5 years are an extremely popular way to learn some hands on skills...

For those with a passion for Balti, Andy Munro author of 'Going for a Balti' has a website dedicated to all things Balti, including reviews of restaurants. serving genuine Birmingham Balti. Check it out HERE

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