'Balti Beginnings' Set Of Three 30g Bespoke Blends

'Balti Beginnings' Set Of Three 30g Bespoke Blends

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A set of three fantastic spice blends. Perfect to cook up a top notch, restaurant quality, fresh tasting balti curry at home. 

Spice pots you can get your fingers into! Two gold pots contain 30g of two different freshly ground, roasted and blended balti spice mixes and one contains a Great Taste Award Winning Garam Masala. Our bespoke blends are created with an award winning Birmingham based spice merchants and you won't find fresher!

The set of three 30g pots comprises;

30g Great Taste Award Winning Garam Masala- the absolute best quality garam masala blend you can find. Transforms every curry into something special.

30g Birmingham Balti Chicken or Veg Balti Blend- a heritage blend inspired by a real Birmingham Balti house recipe. Create a classic balti in no time at all. Also superb as a marinade mixed with yogurt for tikka or on the BBQ

30g Balti Lamb- A luxurious blend of warming spices, use to create a rich and heady lamb balti. Inspired by Birmingham's balti pioneers from Kashmir and Pakistan. This blend uses some of the regions favoured spices for meat and includes the prized Kashmiri chilli powder. Use for balti lamb or venison or for a luxurious slow cooked curry.

Our spices are made with love and care in very small batches. You can taste and smell the difference! This spice set is a wonderful gift for curry lovers and will give endless possibilities for making numerous baltis, as well as other curries at home.

This set makes a perfect stocking filler or birthday gift.

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