GIFT SET: Two Balti Bowls

GIFT SET: Two Balti Bowls

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NEWSFLASH! Excuse us whilst we UPGRADE! Beautiful new Birmingham made and designed bowls coming May 2021.
We can't wait to show you our stunning updated bowls! 
 All pre orders will receive a free Balti Spice Mix- create the perfect balti! Blended by award winning spice merchants.
Or please email to be notified when we are ready for dispatch.

Try your hand at cooking two Baltis simultaneously like a real Balti chef!

Our authentic Balti Bowls are designed and made in Birmingham using pressed-steel, just like the original 1970s bowls which gave birth to this iconic dish. Our bowls represent an unlikely marriage;  a marriage between the industry, wit and charm of England's second city to the spiced heat, courage and innovative flair of it's Pakistani immigrants.

Our bowls have been designed for professional Balti kitchens, to last a lifetime of Balti cooking, but are equally at home being used on a gas hob, electric stove top, induction hob, aga and even the BBQ!

The Birmingham steel pressed Balti bowls are sent with an authentic Balti recipe and care guide. A perfect gift for any curry lover. 

  • Made in Birmingham   
  • Hand finished  
  • Cook a real Birmingham Balti at home!  
  • Designed to last for life  
  • British craftmanship at its best  
  • Use on gas, electric, aga, induction and BBQ  
  • It is estimated that one Balti contains 25 times the amount of Iron as a single pint of Guinness! *
  • An authentic Balti curry typically contains half the fat of an average curry. *
  • FREE P&P (*In the UK)
  • Gift Of The Year Finalist 2021

* Read more about our specially commissioned research into the unique health and culinary properties of an authentic balti cooked in one of our bowls.

As used by top selling curry authors 'The Curry Guy', Hari Ghotra and Misty Ricardo.


Care for your bowl; These bowls are manufactured from pressed steel as with all authentic baltis which, as a component derived from iron, some discolouration is natural and cooking over a hot flame will eventually lead to the black patina beloved by Balti enthusiasts. Needless to say, these Balti bowls are best used on a natural gas flame to maximise the patina effect . 

Dimensions 215mm x 63mm 

The authentic Birmingham Balti is a one pot dish- cooked and served in the same Balti dish, traditionally one bowl per person/serving. Check out our specially designed wooden stand for ease and style when serving your Balti.

Make delicious Baltis at home with our freshly ground Balti Spice Mix  Based on an authentic Birmingham Balti Recipe.

FREE P&P (UK only)

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