100g Freshly Ground Balti Spice Blend

100g Freshly Ground Balti Spice Blend

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Our 100g bag of Balti Spice Blend is an authentic blend of traditional Balti Chicken and Balti Vegetable spices including Fenugreek leaves, Cumin, Paprika and ground coriander. Our exceptional spice blend is roasted, ground and blended by hand in Birmingham by an artisan winning award spice merchant.

Check out our recipe page for info on how to make an authentic Birmingham Balti using your spice blend. This blend also makes an excellent marinade for meat or fish when mixed with yogurt.

Our bespoke blend is an excellent way to create an exceptionally fresh tasting and time saving balti, without pulling out and measuring all your spices. 

A perfect gift for a curry connoisseur - once you smell and taste the quality of our spices you'll be a convert! 

100g of Freshly roasted, ground and blended spices. 


* Excellent quality

* Authentic bespoke blend inspired by Birmingham's Balti Triangle

* Made especially for us by award winning Spice merchants

* Makes around 15 Baltis (Recommended recipe on our recipe page)


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