30g Balti Lamb Spice Gold Pot- Luxurious Kashmiri Blend

30g Balti Lamb Spice Gold Pot- Luxurious Kashmiri Blend

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No need for a spoon here. Spice pots you can get your fingers into! High quality spices from the subcontinent straight to your balti bowl, via Birmingham;

Our Balti Lamb Spice mix is a secret house blend of traditional Balti Meat spices.  Inspired by the balti pioneers of Pakistan and Kashmir. Our spices are freshly roasted and ground, created with an award winning Birmingham based spice merchants.  You won't find fresher! 

A luxurious blend of warming spices, including prized Kashmiri curry powder, cumin seeds, paprika, cardamon and cloves. Use this special blend to create a rich and heady fast cooked Balti Lamb, a slow cooked Rogan Josh or mix with yogurt to marinate lamb chops for the BBQ.

Balti houses traditionally take 'pinches' of spices from their spice stocks to ensure the dish is cooked fast without the need to measure your spices in advance.

Our spices are made with love and care in very small batches. You can taste and smell the difference! This spice pot is a wonderful gift for curry lovers.

Use for;

* Classic Balti Lamb (or goat)

* Lamb, venison or goat slow cooked curry 

* Use for Kashmiri Rogan Josh

* As a marinade for lamb chops on the BBQ or tandoor (mix with yogurt, lemon juice and salt)  

Packaged in a stylish matt gold colored pot. 

30g of the finest quality fresh spice. 

Makes approximately 5 baltis, 


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